Harman Oakwood Wood Stove Grate, 2-00-249122



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  • Oakwood
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This grate separates the firebox from the ash bin and is a consumable part that needs to be replaced from time to time. Never burn your Oakwood stove with the ash pan door open for any length of time because this grate can overheat, causing it to prematurely warp or melt.

This part only fits the Harman Oakwood wood stove.

  • Measurements: 13 5/8″ x 8 3/8″


When replacing the grate, it’s advised to check the door gaskets for a good seal and replace them if necessary.

  • Load Door and Ash Door Gasket- 1-00-00888, 20ft
  • NOTE: Oakwood Ash Door Gasket is part, 1-00-43375 is a small 5′ section of the same gasket for the door. Use the link above and get enough for both.


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