Quadra-Fire Upper Firepot Assembly for Mt Vernon AE, E2, Trekker, SRV7034-072B



Compatible Models


  • CAB50-C
  • Edge 60
  • Mt Vernon AE Insert
  • Mt Vernon AE
  • Mt Vernon E2 FS
  • Mt Vernon E2i
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The upper firepot assembly is the top half of the firepot separate from the lower portion which is connected to the auto-clean mechanism.

Hardware Not Included.


This is also used as an upgrade kit to change the early Mt Vernon AE stoves (Pre 2010) to the newer style firepot. All models made from 2011 until 2019 have the updated firepot, thermocouple and thermocouple cover.

  • This assembly when used in Mt Vernon AE stoves and inserts requires thermocouple SRV7034-247. Older assemblies (pre 2010) used thermocouple SRV7000-334, which was a braided wire thermocouple all the way to the tip. The SRV7034-247 thermocouple has a protective stainless steel sheath at the end which is shaped to fit this firepot.
  • This firepot, when used in a Mt Vernon AE stove or insert requires a 2 3/16″ Thermocouple cover, SRV7034-186


Replacement For Part Numbers:

  • SRV7034-072B
  • SRV7034-072