Englander Pellet Stove Complete Gasket Replacement Kit for 25-PDV and 25-PDVC



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Englander Pellet Stove Complete Gasket Kit

The Englander Complete Gasket Kit Comes with all of the essential gaskets needed for your Englander pellet stove. 13 Total Gaskets Plus Silicone. (Does not work with EP Style-Stoves as the door glass gasket is too short)


AC-DGKC Door Gasket

AC-GGK Window Gasket- 48″

PU-HLG Hopper Lid Gasket 6.5′

PU-CBMG Combustion Blower Gaskets

PU-ABGN Auger Bearing Gaskets (set of 2) For Certain Stove Models

PU-ABG (Set of 2) For Certain Stove Models

AC-APG Ash Pan Gasket (84″)

PU-BPG Burn Pot Gasket

Gasket for PU-4C447 For Certain Stove Models

Gasket for PU-4C442 For Certain Stove Models

1 Tube of Adhesive

Compatible Models


  • 25-IP, 55-SHPIP, 55-TRPIP
  • 25-PAF, 55-SHP25, 55-TRP25
  • 25-PAH, 55-SHPAH, 55-TRPAH
  • 25-PDV, 55-SHP22, 55-TRP22
  • 25-PDVC, 55-SHP10, 55-SHP10L, 55-TRP10
  • 25-PFS, 25-PFSP
  • 25-PI, 55-SHP20, 55-TRP20
  • 25-PUF, 55-SHP240, 55-TRP240
  • 25-SSP01, 55-SHSSP01, 55-TRSSP01
  • 25-PUF, 55-SHP240, 55-TRP240