US Stove 40258 Front And Back Liner For Hot Blast Pellet Stoves



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The US Stove 40258 is a replacement front and back liner for US Stove Hot Blast pellet stoves. Acts as a front liner for model 1400 Hot Blast stoves, and rear liner for model 1500 Hot Blast stoves.

  • Fits the following models:
    • Clayton 1537Q
    • Hot Blast 1300
    • Hot Blast 1357M
    • Hot Blast 1400
    • Hot Blast 1500
    • Hot Blast 1537G
    • Hot Blast 1537M
    • Hot Blast 1557M
  • Made of heavy duty steel.
  • Weight: 3 lbs.
  • Also known as NBK Parts 20265.