Harman 3-00-06644 Flame Guide For Advance, Allure 50 & Absolute 63 Pellet Stoves



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The Harman 3-00-06644 is a replacement flame guide made to fit Advance, Allure 50, and Absolute 63 model pellet stoves.

  • The flame guide is positioned above the burn pot and is designed to distribute the flame evenly.
  • The flame guide should be replaced periodically when it wears out, usually indicated by warping, cracks at the base, and excessive flaking.
  • Fits the following models:
    • Absolute 63
    • Advance
    • Allure 50
    • Allure 50-CE
  • Weight: 0.05 lbs.
  • Also known as NBK Parts 20193.