Atwood 91603 Water Heater Propane Pilot Assembly



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The Atwood Propane Pilot Assembly is designed for Atwood pilot ignition water heaters.

  • Replaces Atwood 92616.
  • Jade Pilot Assembly.
  • Fits the following models: G4SM, G6A, G6A-2, G610B, G10C, G6A-1, G610, G10B, GC6A, GH6, G6A-3, G6A-6, G610-3, G610-3B, G6A-7, GC6A-3, GC6A-6, GC6A-7, GC6AA-7, GC6AA-8, GH6-3, GH6-6, GH610-3, GH6-7, G6A-6P, G6A-7P, GC6AA-7P, GC6AA-8P, GC10-1, GC10-2, GC10A-2, GC10A-3, G10-1P, G10-2P, GC10-2P (Gas/Electric Comb), GC10A-2P (Gas/Electric Comb), GC10A-3P (Gas/Electric Comb).
  • Known as NBK part number 20164