Harman 6RPM Clockwise (CW) Auger Feed Motor, 3-20-09302-AMP



Compatible Models



  • P68 (Post: 008280309)
  • P68-C
  • PB105
  • Furnace & Boiler Systems
  • PF100 (Pre: 004350582 or 008350087)
  • PF120
  • HF60
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This 6RPM clockwise (CW) auger feed motor is used on all Harman pellet furnaces and boilers and was adopted for use on the P68 pellet stove in 2009 beginning with serial number: 008280309.

This motor comes with a cooling fan which is specified for use with this motor. The most recent OEM versions of this motor do not require the fan.

Formerly part #20130N

Fitment Note (P68): Prior to serial 008280390 on the P68 (pre-2009), a 4 RPM CW feed motor was used, this is part 3-20-60906

*Stoves that use a chain-drive feed system require a CCW spinning motor, part # 3-20-08752. (Accentra FS, XXV and Advance made before 2009)

**Stove models that had a chain drive feed system that converted to the UL feeder body use Part #3-20-00677 (Accentra FS, XXV and Advance made in 2009 and after)

***This motor is used in some P68 pellet stoves (Pre serial # 008280309), P68 Newer 6 RPM motor part #3-20-60906 (After serial # 008280309)

Replacement For Part Number:

  • 3-20-09302

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