Breckwell 250W/ 300W Pellet Stove Cartridge Heater Igniter, (C-E-ING), 80607



Compatible Models


  • P1000 Big E
  • P1002 Big E II
  • P2000 Tahoe
  • P2000I Tahoe Insert
  • P22 Maverick
  • P22I Maverick Insert
  • P23 Sonora
  • P23I Sonora Insert
  • P24 Blazer
  • P24I Blazer Insert
  • P26 Cadet
  • P2700 Mojave
  • P32i Cadet
  • P4000 Classic Cast
  • P7000 Solstice
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This cartridge heater pellet stove igniter or “hot rod” is 4″ long and 3/8″ in diameter. It’s rated for 300 watts @ 125 volts. Breckwell uses many different sizes in their various units which can all look the same. Check your owner’s manual with our stove compatibility for proper fitment.

Note: From time to time, USSC, the parent company for Ashley, Breckwell, and Vogelzang will ship 250-watt igniters as replacement parts and will also build units with both 300-watt and 250-watt igniters in their units. They are interchangeable. All other specs are the same. Both work without any notable differences.


It is advised to always replace the door gasket whenever an igniter is replaced,  air that enters the firebox from the door gasket causes delayed ignitions that ultimately causes igniters to fail.

Technical Specs

Watts 250 or 300
Length 4″
Width 3/8″
Connectors Male Spades

Replacement For Part Numbers:

  • C-E-IGN
  • 80607