Englander Vacuum Shut-Down Switch (OEM), CU-VS



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Englander Vacuum Shut-Down Switch Part CU-VS

Englander Vacuum Shut Down Switch, 0.05″ WC. This is the pressure switch that detects vacuum pressure in the firebox. The vacuum hose for this switch connects directly to the firebox of the stove. This part is used in all 2006 and later model pellet stoves.

2006 and later model pellet stoves use 1 ea CU-VS and 1 ea PU-VS. Pre 2006 models use 2 ea PU-VS.

The Vacuum Shut Down Switches (Part # PU-VS and CU-VS) detect negative pressure in the stove. This switch is mounted in series with the hopper lid switch and the feed (auger) motor and there is not direct error reporting functions to the controller. If your controller is giving you an error, such as E1 and E2, check the vacuum hoses and or PU-VS switch on the other side of the stove near the combustion blower.