Harman Red Thermister Exhaust Sensing Probe (ESP), 3-20-00844-AMP



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This version of the ESP is the correct part for any model made after 2008. This updated ESP has red wires, as opposed to the previous probes which could have had black, yellow, or white wires. New Circuit boards are now sensing the condition of the differential pressure switch. (FIG 4)

Notes for ordering replacement parts:

  • If you need a new probe: Order to match your existing probe. Red= #3-20-00844
  • Black, White, or Yellow Probe: Order the black Probe.
  • If you need a new board: Order using the part numbers included here.
  • If installing on a unit with an old probe = Dipswitch #5 “OFF”.
  • With new probe= Dipswitch #5 “ON”.
  • The DVC500 uses two probes, ESP and TCP(temperature control probe). They must be of the same color