Atwood 93868 Water Heater Electrode With Spark Probe



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The Atwood Water Heater Electrode is a single sense electrode with a spark probe for your Atwood electronic ignition water heater.

  • Perfect fix for faulty ignitors or water heaters that have trouble staying lit.
  • Easy to install – only requires a 1/4″ wrench or socket.
  • Fits the following models: G6A-2E, G6A-3E, G6A-6E, G6A-7E, G6A-8E, G9-EXT, G10-1E, G10-2E, G10-3E, G16-EXT, GC6A-7E, GC6A-8E, GC6AA-10E, GC6AA-7E, GC6AA-8E, GC6AA-9E, GC10A-2E, GC10A-3E, GC10A-4E, GCH6A-10E, GCH6A-7E, GCH6A-8E, GCH6A-9E, GCH10A-2E, GCH10A-3E, GCH10A-4E, GE9-EXT, GE16-EXT, GH6-6E, GH6-7E, GH6-8E.
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Known as NBK part number 12452